Inside each of us is an artist. And that what an artist is, a child who has never lost the gift of looking a life with curiosity and wonder.
Arthur Lismer

Being a painter I enjoy the most the freedom to express myself that painting medium allows. Freedom to define the subject and the feeling of the world I create with every brush stroke. I try to create my own language, which goes beyond stylistic constraints and captures my intense spirit and playfulness.With my instinct and intuition I put every figure in a perfect surrounding to show harmony, joy and hidden passion in each one of us.

This freedom was the thing I missed most moving to creative photography. As a photographer I was merely an observer, bound by the scene and the moment. Experimenting with different photography styles I have found a way to uncover freedom of expression in photography. I am using camera movement with open shutter to paint with the light and and use scene as my canvas. Adding camera motion into creative process allows me to define how shapes and lines flow in the composition, to uncover hidden interconnections in the background, to capture the fleeting sense of wonder I remember seeing the scene with my own eyes. Never static, with light and shadows flowing into each other and individual colors creating lacework patterns my pictures awake imagination of the viewer, letting him to be a part of the world I create.